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Tracy Kharroubi

I was gifted this set of Dead Sea mud soaps from @marerosa.skincare 
After having used this soap on many occasions now I can confirm it’s one of the best soaps Ive used. I love that it is unscented so I can use my favourite scented moisturisers without any clashing of scents. It lathers up amazing well. What I particularly liked it that it is suitable for any skin type as it is made with natural ingredients and great if you have piercings or tattoos that require the use of unscented products. I also found that my skin dried quickly after use meaning less waiting to apply other body care products. This is my perfect soap and the whole family use it including my son who has eczema. Thank you @marerosa.skincare for introducing me to your Dead Sea mud soap



    I received this handmade Dead Sea Mud Soap directly from @marerosa.skincare and @buzzabrand for my honest review.

    Marerosa Skincare is a company that is based in Jordan 🇯🇴 and only uses the natural ingredients with only four ingredients: Virgin Olive Oil Soap, Aqua, Dead Sea Mud, and Sodium Etidronate.

    🌊 The Dead Sea is an ancient and natural spa that has been around for centuries. It is world renowned to be a healing sea and a beacon of health.

    ✨🧖‍♀️ I have been using this on my hands, arms, and face. It has not stripped my skin of their natural oils and has allowed my skin to breathe and flourish. The mud promotes blood circulation and has toning abilities that remove fine lines and wrinkles.

    I love that 3% of sales made go to the King Hussain Cancer Center.

    I am the first to stand by a natural and honest company and will definitely be ordering when I finish this box!



    Hello 👋 Recently I’ve got a chance to try out @marerosa.skincare Handmade Organic Dead Sea Mud Soap.
    @marerosa.skincare is natural skincare brand, their products are made with essential oils, brand is cruelty free too, made in Jordan. Personally I love soap bars because they are very efficient and sustainable. Dead Sea Mud has variety of benefits and are very rich in natural minerals. Dead Sea mud provides anti-aging benefits by tightening and toning skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and shrinking pores. It helps improve blood circulation and stimulate skin cell turnover. With hydrating and firming properties, Dead Sea Mud soothes itchiness and inflammation as well as symptoms of skin ailments such as dryness, acne, eczema and psoriasis. I’ve previously used Dead Sea Mud soaps and I am happy I am able to have it again in my bodycare routine. I really love Dead Sea Mud Soaps because they provide nice results. As I mentioned previously that I suffer with body acne those soaps really helped me to reduced appearance of blemishes, skin is smoother. Those soaps deeply cleansing my skin without drying it out, leaves skin nourished, firmer, elasticity is improved.

    @marerosa.skincare @buzzabrand Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity 😊

    * Kindly Gifted





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    It makes me so happy when I discover independent brands that are really making a difference.
    That kind of brand is @marerosa.skincare which creates skincare products using essential oils and other natural ingredients.
    I’ve tried their Dead Sea mud soap and it’s perfect for taking a shower or a bath after a long day of working and parenting.
    I was never into soaps but now I have to say I’ve become a fan!
    Do you use soaps in the shower? Let me know in the comments.



    🧼 I was very kindly gifted these soaps from @marerosa.skincare and @buzzabrand

    💖 I absolutely adore these soaps. They are made from Dead Sea Mud and actually only contain 4 ingredients! - Virgin Olive Oil Soap, Aqua, Dead Sea Mud and Sodium Etidronate

    💖 They are made in Jordon and are such a fantastic size. You get 5 soaps and they are 85g each

    💖 My skin has always loved products made from Dead Sea Minerals and such, so I was very excited to get and try these

    💖 I suffer from psoriatic arthritis and I find alot of soaps can dry out my skin too much, but these don't. They clean my skin, they don't strip it of moisture and they leave my skin non irritated and soft

    💖 There is no added fragrance either, and I absolutely love the smell of these soaps. You can really smell the Dead Sea Mud and it gives a spa like experience when using

    💖 For anyone like me, who loves using bar soap, I really do highly recommend these, and as with all bar soap, I actually use it in a soap bag. It helps with lather and slight exfoliation of the skin, plus when your finished you can hang the bag up and let it dry, so the soap lasts so much longer.



    As someone new to Dead Sea Mud products in my daily routine I was really happy to be sent a collection of 5 handmade Dead Sea Mud Organic soaps to try from @marerosa.skincare a small business company based in Jordan which creates a selection of hand made products. These arrived wrapped beautifully in a golden box created with a caring personal touch and arrived so quick.
    Using this ingredient has positive benefits to your skin which includes helping to eliminate Acne Blackheads and Whiteheads and also helps any skin allergies and conditions including Eczema Psoriasis Blemised skin and Anti Aging as its rich mineral formula works to exfoliate dead skin and calm any inflammation issues protecting the skins barrier I found this soap has such a nice clean texture and lathers well onto my skin I will be continuing to use these daily as there are so many great benefits to this product.

    Thank you @marerosa.skincare & @buzzabrand
    For sending ❤️




    Heyy everyone 👋

    Having coming back from Jorden recently, I was super excited when @marerosa.skincare reached out to send me their Dead Sea soap set.
    I’ve been using Dead Sea mud ever since I got back from my holiday, but have been even more excited to try the soaps.
    The Dead Sea is the words ancient and natural spa, with mud enriched in minerals that are wonderful for our skin which keep it looking healthy, and hydrated.
    The soaps are hand made In Jordan and contain Dead Sea mud and olive oil as the two main ingredients.

    The brand even donates 3% of sales made to the king Hussain cancer Center.
    Watch out for my upcoming reel on these amazing soaps

    ❤️Thank you to Mare Rosa for sending me this all the way from Jordan. You have brought back sweet memories of my amazing trip there.

    Gifted by @marerosa.skincare



    Do you use soap bars ? Do you know that there are numerous benefits of using Dead Sea Mud Soap? 🇯🇴🌴

    The benefits include stimulate cell renewal, reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well as helping reduce itchiness caused by eczema and helpful for people with psoriasis. It also helps to restore moisture and improve blood circulation. The list of benefits are endless, so why not give them a go to try something different from the norm. 💝🎁

    This is another wonderful small business for you to check out and follow , @marerosa.skincare who are based in Jordan.🇯🇴 They make fabulous handmade products which are definitely worth trying considering the benefits you can gain by using them.

    These are handmade Dead Sea Mud Soap which I received from @marerosa.skincare @buzzabrand . They only took 4 days to arrive from Jordan,😲👏which is extremely quick considering how long it can take to send things from one place to another in the UK. 🙈🌹💐

    They lathers incredibly well, I love that they come in gift box , not just lovingly made but lovingly wrapped too. The set contains 5 soaps, embossing on one side as you can see. I could not smell anything due to my nose issues,so the soaps could be odourless. Power pact soap which is long lasting and so beneficial. They are for ideal for gifting and can be shipped to most countries for free. 🌏🌎

    Thank you so much to @buzzabrand and @marerosa.skincare for sending me these wonderful soaps to try.

    ** PR /Gifted


    I've been sent this 5 pc Dead sea mud soap from @marerosa.skincare to try. 🖤🖤🖤

    So much has been said of this method for cleansing that's been used for thousands of years and claims to show reduced wrinkles and the overall health of your skin. Mixed with Coconut Oil Olives that are necessary to activate the performance of skin cells and urge them to Permanent renewal, which gives the skin radiance and vitality.Organic and lovingly hand made natural skincare and a beautiful company who already have my support. 🖤🖤🖤

    Thankyou so much to #marerosa
    I truely love Dead sea mud soap and have reviewed Japanese clay soap last year so I'm not new to using this type of cleanser!
    Not only that but i like to lather a thick amount worked into a cream and leave it on like a face mask.
    It makes my skin so clear and looks lightened to me after using once. I left it on for about 10 mins and liked my skin afterwards. 🖤